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Depending on different requirements from customers, we could offer products and solutions from vacuum to ultra-high pressure range, from cryogenic to ultra-high temperature range, covering many different severe conditions, including petrochemical, chemical, oil&gas, LNG, coal chemical, power industry, heating system, etc.
ROBVALVE can provide a wide range of valve types that are necessary for refining application which typically involve high temperature, high pressures, dirty services and aggressive fluids.
ROBVAVLE provide professional chemical industry valves, from valve design, material selection to manufacturing are meticulous to meet the most demanding process requirements, including meeting international low leakage standards.
Power Industry
ROBVALVE valve for high temperature ambient pressure seal design. from material to manufacturing process through strict control. We provide customers with a wide range of valve solutions to meet the demanding requirements of power plant facilities.
ROBVALVE testing capability for LT & CRYO valves is vast. Valves for “low temperature” can operate in frozen condition, "Cryogenic" valves are normally handling liquefied gas.
Oil & Gas
ROBVAVLE manufacturing abundant valves and control products for safe and efficient extraction, refining, transportation, refining, and storage of oil and gas facilities and providing reliable solutions.
Coal Cemical
ROBVALVE has extended to the whole industry chain including direct liquefaction, indirect liquefaction of coal, natural gas, and other chemical production.
ROBVAVLE serve more than 40 countries and regions of the world large industrial users, forward-looking technology to help customers create value!
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